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Timpur-pedic Seat Upgrade                     Prices

How it's done


Upgrading your existing motorcycle seat

First we start by removing the vinyl or leather from the seat pan.

Our Timpur-pedic memory foam is shaped and contoured to your seat for your specific needs and for your comfort

Our product is installed over your existing stock foam.

It is recovered using your existing seat cover.

usual work is done within a hour and half

Once finished it will look just as before, only with extreme comfort.

***We do not cut into your seat unless you are wanting custom shaving or cutting. (For example if you need to be lowered or moved back some.)

(additional work will be charged and will take longer amount of time.)***

These are general prices and may vary according to size. Any seat can be done!

Small Solo Front Seat                                          $205
Small Back Seat                                                    $150
Standard Sportster Seat                                     $225
Standard Sportster with passenger                  $300
Solo Road King Seat                                            $285
Solo Road King with passenger                        $400
Small Backrest                                                     $90
Large Backrest                                                    $135
Ultra Classic Front Seat                                      $295
Ultra classic Back Seat                                       $185
GoldWing Front Seat                                         $333
GoldWing Back Seat                                          $200
Dirt Bike Front Seat                                           $185
Dirt Bike Back Seat                                            $100
Shave / Cut Only / Or add to Price              $50 - $85

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